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Little Angels 3-4-1 Portrait Scheme


Because we’re all in a bit of a squeeze, we’ve introduced our 3-4-1 (3 portrait sittings for the price of one), for new parents.

 The scheme works like this:

Our normal studio portrait sitting fee is £50, (regardless of how many people we have, or how many photo’s are taken).  So with the Little Angels 3-4-1 Scheme, you get three sessions for the same price! 

Normally the 1st would be at about 3 months old, then two more during baby’s first year to mark major developmental stages.

At the end of the 3rd session you get 3 photo’s, (1 from each session), in a folio – FREE!

If you wish to purchase more photo’s, canvases, albums, etc, you are of course welcome to do so, but there is no pressure.

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